Shocking! 5 Bollywood actresses who look young in pictures but are actually Old.

Shocking! 5 Bollywood actresses who look young in pictures but are actually Old.

For any girl, her beauty matters the most. Who does not want to look beautiful?  Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. There are many actresses in Bollywood who have done a variety of surgeries to look attractive. At the same time, there are some actresses who use a lot of makeup to look beautiful.

There are so many pimples and spots on their face that they have to use heavy make-up to hide them. Apart from this, there are some actresses who also use makeup to hide their growing age. If you look at these actresses without makeup, then you will see their real look and if you look at these actresses with make-up, then they will be seen presenting young heroes.

1. Madhuri Dixit:

Bollywood’s Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri Dixit appears to be young and beautiful in TV shows and movies, but in reality, she has become old. If you see her without makeup then you will not be able to recognize her. Madhuri, 51, married Sriram Madhav Nene, US surgeon in 1999.

2. Tabu:

Tabu is a well-known actress of Bollywood. Everyone is crazy about her acting. She is counted in Bollywood’s most versatile actresses. Tabu started her film career with the film ‘Hum Naujawan’ in the year 1985. 46-year-old Tabu looks very old without make-up.

3. Rekha:

There is no doubt about the fact that Rekha was considered to be the most beautiful actress of her time. Today, at 63 years of age, she can beat anyone. She is still very different from other actresses. But if you see her without make-up, then you will get to know how a make-up can change you and make you more beautiful and young.

4. Raveena Tandon:

Tip-Tip barsa girl Raveena Tandon got married to Anil Thadani in 2004. 43-year-old Raveena still looks young and beautiful in films. She was looking very beautiful in her recent movie ‘Maatr’. But seeing her without any makeup, you will not be able to recognize her.

5. Karishma Kapoor:

Karisma Kapoor used to be the most famous actress of the 90’s. Her first film was ‘Prem Qaidi’. Karisma is very active on social media and keeps adding her glamorous picture.  She looks very young and beautiful with makeup but without makeup, she looks really old. Her age is 44 years.

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