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Shocking Benefits Of Drinking Hing With Water Daily For 7 Days.

Shocking Benefits Of Drinking Hing With Water Daily For 7 Days. Don’t Believe? Try This Out By Yourself.

Hing is also known as asafoetida in English. It is found in almost every Indian kitchen, we use hing for tempering many dishes. There are many health benefits of consuming Hing.

Hing helps in removing many diseases. In Ayurveda, asafoetida has been described as medicine, which has many health benefits if you consume it daily. Many people suffer from stomachache or menstrual pain, after consuming a pinch of asafetida, all kinds of pain are relieved.

If you drink only one pinch of asafoetida with water daily, it will not only be healthy but also many diseases will be cured. Let us know the benefit of drinking Ayurvedic medicine i.e. a pinch of ‘asafoetida with water.’

Works As Contraceptive Pills:

Hing was treated as a contraceptive treatment in ancient times by drinking asafoetida with water. Apart from this, it was also used in the treatment of stomach problems and this remedy is still used by many people. By making a paste of asafoetida, and applying it to the chest and nose helps in relieving cold and cough.

Menstrual Pain:

During menstruation, most women go through severe abdominal pain and complain of stomach ache. Mixing the asafoetida with water and drinking it provides relief from this pain.

For Digestion:

The first change in the body by drinking asafetida powder for seven days is that the digestive power becomes strong. By drinking asafoetida with water, the acid formed in the body gets removed and many stomach problems end.

Tooth Decay:

If you are suffering from tooth decay then every day before sleeping. Use lukewarm water and mix a pinch of Hing in it. You will soon get rid of the problem of tooth decay.


Asafoetida is considered to be antioxidant, so taking this with water eliminates many infections from the body and weakness is also removed. If the honey is added for taste, then its properties also increase with taste. But all of these benefits will show results only if you are consuming hing with the water for 7 consecutive days.

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