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Shocking!! Bhajan singer Anup Jatola is dating a 37 years old girl younger from his age!

Shocking!! Bhajan singer Anup Jatola is dating a 37 years old girl younger from his age!

The biggest reality show of the small screen, Big Boss has started its 12th season on September 16. People taken in this show are mostly those who are very innocent or one who is very annoying. This year also different celebrities have been selected in the house. In this show, 18 contestants went to the house, in which few are singles and some couples are involved.

Salman Khan introduced all the contestants at the beginning of the show, and among them, the most controversial contestant is bhajan singer Anup Jatola. Singer Anup Jatola is getting trolled for dating a 28-year-old girl.

Anoop Jalota is a Bhajan singer and always talks religiously, but in this show, he has entered with his girlfriend Jasleen who is 37 years younger than him. He is trending on social media for dating a girl who is of his daughter’s age.

During the show, they revealed about their relationship and after knowing, along with Salman Khan, public were also shocked. Both of them joined Big Boss-12 as a pair and now many of these photos have got viral on social media.

The two have been dating for more than three years now and in an interview, Jasleen opened up about her relationship, “We have been together for more than three years now. More than love, there’s a lot of respect that we have for each other. People don’t know about our relationship and it might come as a shock to many.”

She further added,

“But I am prepared to face all criticism. I know for a fact that even the housemates will target us. They will bitch about us and call us names but it’s a pure bond that we share. I can only hope that we get some sensible people in the house who understand our bond.”

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