Shocking!! Free beer is coming out from this Neem tree.

Shocking!! Free beer is coming out from this Neem tree.

Today we are going to tell you about a tree which you will be stunned to know about. Actually, there is a neem tree in Delhi’s North Campus from which beer is coming out. That liquid thing tastes like beer.

It also has alcoholic property. Delhi University students are also gathering to see this tree. As soon as the information about the beer coming out of the tree outbreak, the outsiders also come to see this tree.

“A neem tree has been secreting a white liquid since November 2016. It smells of toddy (naturally alcoholic sap of palm) and tastes somewhat bitter. But people from the campus and outside collect it to drink. They say it is intoxicating,” said Mahesh Prasad, the head gardener of North Campus.

“This is unusual. It is for the first time that we have witnessed anything of this sort in Delhi,” said CR Babu, professor emeritus at Centre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems (CEMDE) in Delhi University.

“I had two to three glasses of the toddy. It was quite intoxicating. I didn’t fall ill after that. As it is a neem tree, I think, it also has some medicinal properties,” said a laborer, in high spirits.

People have also tied a bucket at the source.

“The liquid was coming out from near a joint of two branches. But then, it stopped and started to come out from a different place. The flow is gradually slowing down. The smell is also becoming weaker,” said Vikrant Goswami, a scientific assistant at CEMDE.

“We suspect it is not the kind of toddy which we usually get from palm trees. There is some kind of microbial activity going on inside the tree. The microbe is helping the tree sap to ferment,” said Dr. David Kothamasi, assistant professor at the department.

According to the news, 1 to 1.5 liters of beer comes out from the Neem tree in a day.

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