Shocking! Girls here are crazy for eating Sandals.

Shocking! Girls here are crazy for eating Sandals. You will be shocked to see the pictures.

People in the world are very much fond of eating food and according to their tastes, they visit restaurants and food shops and gets the food of their choice, but if we say that there is such a place in the world where people eat shoe as the food, then you will hardly believe it.

But this is absolutely true and today we are not only going to tell you about that place but you will also show some pictures of them wherein you will see yourself how crazy people are.

Well, people love to experiment with new foods. You must have seen many restaurants that are specialized and famous for its special food items. But if we say that there is a restaurant which serves sandals as a food item then what would be your reaction? A similar restaurant has become a topic of discussion on social media due to its unique dish nowadays. Actually, there is nothing else served except the shoes.

Well if you still not able to understand, then we will tell you that these shoes are really being eaten because these shoes are made of chocolate and not leather.

Yes, a candy store in New Jersey is making a special mark to create high-heels chocolates. People are getting crazy, and these candies appears to be very real and look like sandal. Especially this high-heels chocolate is so demanded that the boys and girls come here to eat it. In fact, people are also taught to make these high heels chocolates in this candy store. You can see that in the picture how chocolate is given the form of beautiful sandals and high heels.

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