Shocking! Salman Khan finally discloses the reason behind not “Kissing” in any film.

Shocking! Salman Khan finally discloses the reason behind not “Kissing” in any film.

Salman Khan’s name comes first in the list of most veteran actors in the Bollywood industry, he is the only industry actor who is known for his generosity. Bollywood actor Salman Khan has helped many people and had made their career. Salman Khan has made a lot of names and has become famous all over the world.

Salman Khan has given many hit films in Bollywood. He has acted in every form of films from action to romantic but in all the films you have seen, Salman Khan has never seen doing any lip lock scenes in his films.

Have you ever thought that why Salman Khan does not have a lip kiss scene in any of his films?

There is also a reason behind Salman Khan’s no lip kiss scene in any film. Actually, Salman Khan does not do lip kiss scenes in films because of a famous Bollywood actress. Yes! you heard it right. Salman Khan is very famous in Bollywood. Because of the actress, he refused to give a lip kiss scene in the movies, this actress has worked with Salman Khan in the movie ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. It was Salman’s debut film which was proved a hit at the box office.

The name of the Bollywood actress about whom we are talking is ‘Bhagyashree’, she has worked together in Salman Khan’s debut film ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. In fact, during the shooting of this film, Salman Khan and Bhagyashree lip kiss was supposed to shoot but Bhagyashree did not want to do this scene because Bhagyashree was going to get married at that time and hence she did not want any kind of problem in her marriage.

Salman Khan’s film ‘Mere Pyaar Kiya’ was a romantic movie. When Bhagyashree refused to do a lip kiss in the film then the director was very upset.

When Salman Khan told the director how he will do a lip-lock scene with Bhagyashree then he said that he can explain to him, but Bhagyashree has refused to shoot the scene.

That day Salman Khan understood, that actress has to do things against their wish, against their will they still have to do all this. After talking to Salman Khan, the director placed a glass in the middle so that their lips won’t touch each other, and the scene could be completed.

Salman Khan at that point of time decided that he would never do any such thing in the film. If Bhagyashree has not refused to do the scene at that time, then maybe Salman Khan would have not taken this decision.

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