Shocking! Zomato deducted Rs.50,000 for canceling an order of Biryani.

These online food ordering app has made our life easier. Now, whenever we want to eat food or the cook is not present then we can order in our comforts. Fresh foods get delivered to our doorstep in just a few minutes. But sometimes we have to cancel the order because of some reasons and the amount deducted gets refunded to our bank accounts.

Zomato, Biryani, zomato biryani

But do you know that Rs.50000 got deducted from a man’s account for canceling an order of Briyani?

Zomato, Biryani, zomato biryani

Online transaction has now become the most easier payment method to order something. Nowadays everyone is using online transaction to purchase to order a product.

Several types of schemes were created to promote online transactions, but there have also been many types of frauds. However, all banks tell their customers that they will not share their account details with anyone. But despite this many people are victims of this online fraud, and a victim named Nishant is a victim of this fraud.

He would have never thought that a biryani would cost him the loss of Rs.50000 that too when he was canceling his order.

During the cancellation, a huge amount was deducted from his account three times.

Zomato, Biryani, zomato biryani

In fact, the young man named Nishant Raj came to Bihar to visit Bengal. Where he was staying with one of his relatives here. Once roaming back home, he ordered a plate of biryani online from Zomato for himself. But after reaching home he saw that the food was already ready, after which he started trying to cancel the order.

He searched the Customer Care number to cancel the order from Zomato. When Nishant called on the number, he was told to download an app and it was said that the money will be returned to his account once the order is canceled. Shortly after downloading the app of Nishant, the message of bank transaction came on his phone shortly.

Zomato, Biryani, zomato biryani

In a short while, Rs. 19999, Rs. 19999 and Rs. 9999 began to deduct from his account; Nishant understood that he has been cheated. He immediately came to register an FIR in the nearby police station. But neither in the police station nor the cyber crime branch registered his complain.

Nishant further said that he received a call from that number again and said that he would not get that money back at any cost.

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