Success Story of Nanu Gupta, the Owner of Vijay Sales.

Started his business with Rs.2000, today he is a Millionaire.

Whenever we hear the word Superheroes, Names like Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman start coming to our mind, but today we are not going to talk about any film superhero but the real-life superhero.

founder of vijay sales

Today we are going to talk about a person, who after confronting the millions of difficulties, joined the count of the country’s most prominent businessmen on the strength of his hard work and passion. We are talking about Nanu Gupta of Mumbai, Nanu today is the owner of crores, but he started his business from just Rs. 2000. His story is not only interesting but is also inspiring.

Vijay Sales CEO Nanu Gupta:

He came to Mumbai for work.

Owner of Vijay Sales

Nanu came to Mumbai with a dream of doing a job. He started his career with the company ‘Usha International Distributors’. At the same time, Nanu learned the tricks of handling customers from trading to business and after some years he decided to start his own business.

Borrowed Rs.2000:

founder of vijay sales, founder name,Nanu Gupta

In 1967, when Nanu thought of starting a TV business, neither he had any money nor anybody’s support. Still, he did not lose hope. He borrowed Rs.2000 from friends and family and went on the road to start his business.

Success Story of Nanu Gupta Founder Of Vijay Sales.

The story started from 200 sq ft room:

founder of vijay sales, Nanu Gupta

From 2000 rupees, Nanu rented a room of 200 sq ft and from there, he started ‘Vijay Sales’. Vijay is the name of Nanu’s younger brother and in his name, Nanu named his shop. Even though Nanu was new to this business, his understanding was very good about the customers. Which led to gradual success in his work.

Amazing sales strategy:

Owner of Vijay Sales

In a short time, Nanu made his own sales strategy so that he started selling things at a lower price than others. The amazing thing was that their profit margin was also equal to the others, even when selling goods at a lower price than the competitors. In this way, both Nanu and his client started getting benefited.

Won the customers heart:

Owner of Vijay Sales

Good service along with good prices caused the success of Nanu’s success. Whenever there was any problem with a customer in the product, Nanu himself went home and repair the product. In this way he made people believe in their brand among the people.

Become the owner of 70 Branches:

founder of vijay sales, Nanu Gupta

Slowly Nanu’s business started growing. Starting with 200 sq ft, Nanu’s first shop changed to 40000 sq ft and today there are a total of 70 branches in different cities of North India. Today his son Nilesh Gupta is the managing partner of ‘Vijay Sales’.

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