Sushmita Sen won the title of Miss Universe wearing gown made of curtain and socks.

Surprising Facts: Sushmita Sen won the title of Miss Universe wearing a gown made of curtain and socks.

Sushmita Sen is an epitome of beauty. When someone asks you that who won the title of Miss Universe from India first, then the answer is Sushmita Sen. She was just 18 yrs old when she decided to enter the glamour world. From a small place in Delhi, she marked her success and became the first Miss Universe from India.

sushmita sen miss universe dress

She won the title in 1994:

sushmita sen miss universe dress

Girls from all over the country were walking the ramp for the title of Femina Miss India. Sushmita was present among them with a broad smile wearing gloves in her hands and a long gown. That day, the real story of that garment that beautifies her beauty is hardly known to anyone. But the truth is that the gown was made from curtain cloth and the socks were used to make the gloves.

Yes! You heard it right!

Sushmita’s financial condition was extremely bad:

Yes, at that time, Sushmita’s financial condition was not such good that she could make clothes from a famous designer. In this way, she bought curtain cloth from Sarojini Market in Delhi and got her a gown stitched from a local tailor. For gloves, they bought socks from the market which match the dress. Later, those socks were made into a glove by adding yarn.

The idea came from here:

Sushmita Sen Miss Universe

Sushmita’s mother Subhra Sen says that the idea of that gown came from a magazine. But due to lack of money, curtain cloth was used in gowns and due to the shortage of money she gave Sushmita an idea of making gloves with socks.

She bought maximum clothes from Sarojini Market

Sushmita Sen Miss Universe

Sushmita had also worn clothes from Sarojini market for Miss Universe India and Miss Universe. In an old interview given to Deccan Chronicle, Sushmita says that during the preparations for the title, she had only four pairs of clothes and she was very scared. But as soon as she won the title, she was jumping with her crown on the bed.

Top the competition:

In the Miss Universe competitions, Sushmita had worn good points from her screen gown. She was ahead of the rest of the participants in this round and her average score was 9.792 out of 10.

Sushmita Sen

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