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The Central Government has banned about 300 medicines, know which medicines are included

The Central Government has banned about 300 medicines, know which medicines are included.

The central government has banned nearly 300 medicines which are commonly used. The reason behind banning these drugs is that excessive FDC drugs are increasing which harms our body. Most FDCs in India are sold without any clinical trials and doctors also recommend it to patients. Most of these FDCs are very harmful and have an adverse effect on our body.

Some drugs are very often used, it is believed that these medicines have an adverse impact on our health. Also taking them can be harmful to the body. So if you take these medicines for every single problem such as cold or fever, then you won’t be able to get some of your medicines in the medical store now.

What are FDC medicines?

The full form of the FDC is Fixed Dosage Combination. These medicines combine two or more medicines. There is a ban on the promotion of FDC drugs in the US and many other countries. Taking these medicines also has a bad effect on the body, although sometimes some people get used to these types of medicines. Therefore, considering the health of the people, the government has banned these medicines.

What are the drugs which have been banned by the Government:

The Government of India’s Health Ministry has banned the sale of around 300 types of drugs. These medicines include some popular medicines such as action 500, sumo, painkillers like Saridon, the skin cream Panderm, combination diabetes drug Gluconorm PG, antibiotic Lupidiclox and antibacterial Taxim AZ.

How to find out the combination of FDC drugs –

Their generic name is definitely written on all medicines. It is clearly mentioned that which medicine is made up of which salt. Such as Saridon which is a mixture of paracetamol, propyphenazone, and caffeine. Whenever you go to buy medicines, you should definitely see which salt they are made of.

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