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The most Amazing and unusual love proposal of all time.

The most Amazing and unusual love proposal of all time.

Whether it is to show love or do the breakup, every work is done openly. But when it comes to saying sorry or impress the girlfriend, boys do a lot of crazy stuff. Today we are going to show you such incredible love proposal of all time.


A relationship is a beautiful feeling. And when there is a love then there would be fights. Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the balance between the love and fights. But there are many people who are expert in making their girlfriend happy after a serious fight.

An example of this is a recently happened incident. Pune boy adopted such a unique way to apologize to his girlfriend. It is not the first time that a person has crossed the limits in love, but this has happened many a time.

Spent Rs.72000 just to say Sorry!

The story is about Pimpri Chinchwad area, near Poona. A 25-year-old MBA student Nilesh Khedkar had done something unique that made everyone stunned. To say Sorry to his girlfriend, Nilesh placed 300 hoardings in the whole city. Not only this, on the hoarding, the name of the girlfriend was also printed. Nilesh spent 72000 rupees in executing this whole event.

Nilesh was in Police custody:

Seeing these hoardings, the discussions started in the entire city. After which the police interrogated several Flex printers, it was discovered who have made the hoardings. Then the case was registered against Nilesh. He has also imposed a penalty for this act.

He bought iPhones worth Rs.50 lakhs to propose his girlfriend:

A similar story of love came out in 2014 too. In China’s capital Beijing, a person has bought 99 iPhone 6S by spending Rs 48 lakh to propose his girlfriend. Before proposing, he decorated all the iPhones in the Heart Shape on the ground and stood in the middle and propose to the girl with a bouquet in hands.

Girlfriend refused the Proposal:

After spending so much of money, girlfriend refused the proposal. At that time, what would have happened to her boyfriend, is very difficult to think.

Placed Posters around the city:

This happened in 2018 only, Banaras boy celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday in such a way that a discussion started in the whole city. In fact, he sticks posters of ‘Happy Birthday Sweetheart’ in the whole of Banaras on the occasion of his girlfriend birthday.

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