The most haunted highways in India. Have you ever been there?

The most haunted highways in India. Have you ever been there?

Some people believe there are ghosts and there are other people also who believe that these are just stories. Science is always been seen battling with their existence.

Today, we will talk about the experiences of other people who talk about Spirit-God and the ghosts. The story of the fort of Bhangarh is famous all over India as many people have seen ghosts roaming around there.

You must have heard about different ghosts stories. But do you also believe in ghosts? Today we have brought some information for those who like to go on a road trip.

You must have the courage to go through these highways at night.

1. Chennai, Besant Avenue Road:

Many stories about this road from Chennai to Puducherry are famous. People say that a woman will be seen wearing a white sari while passing through this road. If your focus is diverted from your driving then you will face some mishappenings.

2. Delhi-Jaipur Highway:

Bhangarh is a haunted place in itself, which falls on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. People say that if you have left for Bhangarh, then you will begin seeing the ghosts on your way. Many people have shared their experience and said that at night it’s like a very scary experience.

3. Mumbai-Nashik Highway:

If you read the news then you will see that there are many haunted stories related to highways. Well, believe it or not, but people do believe in spirits. Some people have seen an old woman walking on the roads and others have seen a man hanging himself. Due to the intense forest on both sides of the highway, driving here becomes very scary.

4. Mumbai-Pune Highway:

Mumbai-Pune highway is considered as one of the most beautiful highways in India but it is the scariest one also. The people passing through here say that a group of women appears asking for a lift at the night. If you accidentally stopped the car, then consider your death is for sure.

5. Marve, Mud Island Road:

On this highway, an old woman is seen asking for a lift with two young children. People say that those who give a lift to them, they come across an accident. The accident is so dangerous that survival is also very difficult.

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