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The most stylish phone of the year is launched. Oppo F9 Pro – The love for selfie continues.

The most stylish phone of the year is launched. Oppo F9 Pro – The love for selfie continues.

While searching the mobile phone online on the internet, we hope to get the best mobile phone with great features. Like today, phones have never been so smart and advanced. However, there are many factors in choosing a smartphone which most of us don’t know.


We all like a smartphone that looks good from outside and smart from inside. We look for a smartphone that can easily be adapted to our lifestyle.

Oppo company’s OPPO F9 smartphone meets your every day need. It satisfies the need of your fashion and looks. Oppo is the best in the field of technology. OPPO has recently launched its Oppo F9 Pro model in the market, and you will be amazed after seeing the teaser.

New technology has been used while on the other hand, its spectacular shades will win your heart. This smartphone not only gives a smart performance but is also perfect for selfie enthusiasts. In order to match today’s fashion trends, the color scheme has also been taken into consideration. So let’s know about this new smartphone of Oppo.


Pic courtesy- The Indian Express

The Oppo F9 launched in India on 21st August and has already been the subject of discussion among users due to its water drop display. Everyone was eagerly waiting for it but now you can buy this ultra luxurious smartphone. Its 90.8% makes the body feel the drop of water from the screen to the body.

Excellent Features:

The look of this smartphone is very classy. Oppo F9 Pro has five layer protection with 3500 mAh battery and OPPO ultimate VOOC flash charge. This means that even if you charge this phone for 5 minutes you can talk for two hours. You don’t have to think of the battery power of this smartphone. Apart from this, Oppo F9 Pro also has a dual camera so you can capture your beautiful and memorable selfies.

First Look:

However, more than the features of this smartphone, its Looks is grabbing the attention of the people. These smartphones can attract you in the crowd too. These smartphones is made from the most innovative technology and are available in many colors.

F9 Pro is available in 3 colors, bright purple color, red and twilight blue color. Apart from this, the blue and red variants of the smartphone are designed in a Diamond Shape from behind.

Purple phones are designed in the shape of the star. The Oppo F9 Pro is an unmatched combination of style and innovation. You can also call it a Selfie Expert. Now you will be able to see the best combination of fashion and technology in Oppo F9 Pro. The smartphone is launched on 21 August with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM.

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