The world’s largest man-made waterfall, made in China. Flows from Chinese scrappers.

The world’s largest man-made waterfall, made in China. Flows from Chinese scrappers.

On social media, a man-made waterfall is creating alot of buzz. In this video you can see a man-made waterfall of 108 meters high in Guiyang city in southwest Guizhou Province, which is flowing from top to bottom above a hotel building.

This waterfall, located in the BibiYan Building in the business locals of this city, has become the world’s largest waterfall, which is very spectacular in seeing. There has been a buzz in the Chinese media about this man-made waterfalls.

This waterfall is opened on domestic and global occasions for just 20 minutes. The water falling from this spring is used again by the underground storage system.

Tourist, journalists and mangers gathered in Guiyang city to see the beauty of this artificial waterfalls. Seeing the water falling from an altitude of 100 meters heightens the mind with the thrill.

You can see in the pictures how wonderful this waterfall is and its design is also very good. This waterfall is started in special occasions such as during a celebration in the city. Most of the water used in it is used in tap water and rainwater recycling. So did you like this ? Comment us below.

The Beijing headquarters of state broadcaster China Central Television features a futuristic design now nicknamed “The Big Underpants” due to its resemblance to a giant pelvis.

Guiyang is a city of mountains, and with many trees, just like a forest. He wanted to create a feeling of water and greenery, even when you are surrounded by skyscrapers,” Cheng, the company director said.

“The scene is very impressive. You seldom see a waterfall in a city,” said a woman in a video published on the Pear Video website this week.

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