There is no entry for Indians in these places in India! Know what is the reason

There is no entry for Indians in these places in India! Know what is the reason

Although there are some rules of places everywhere, these rules often leave some exemptions for local people, but in contrast, there are some places in India where there is no entry for Indians.

Yes, you heard it right, In India, there are some such places where Indians are prohibited and today we are going to tell you about these places. So let’s know about the places in India where Indians are banned and also know the reason behind this.

Goa- Foreigners only beach:

If you want to enjoy the beaches in India then there is no other better place than Goa. But do you know there are some beaches which are banned for Indians? In fact, there is some beach in Goa where only foreigners get an entry and this is because the foreign tourists who come in this area are seen in the bikini and swimsuits only under the open sky, which Indian people feel uncomfortable seeing. In such a situation, the management here has banned the arrival of Indians.

UNO-IN hotel of Bangalore:

In India’s IT city, Bangalore, general Indian citizen is not allowed in this hotel, although initially there was no restriction on the arrival of Indians in this hotel but in the year 2014, there were some accidents, after which the arrival of Indian was band. This hotel was built by Nippon Infrastructure in 2012 so that the Japanese could get the food of their choice and now it is specially served to Japanese tourists.

Himachal- Free Kasol Cafe:

Himachal Pradesh is known as the beautiful hill station in India and people from all over the country come here to enjoy the nature. Especially in the summer people come from other states but there is also a place in Himachal which is banned for Indians. Indeed, there is an entry for foreign tourists in the Free Kaol Cafe, but Indians are not allowed to come here. After showing the passport to this cafe, only foreigners are given an entry.

The Broadlands Hotel in Chennai:

Like the Free Kasol Cafe of Himachal, Indians at the Broadlands Hotel in Chennai, South India, are also prohibited. The hotel was formerly under the guidance of a princely state, but now the foreigners are only given the entry.

Foreigners Only Beach in Pondicherry:

Like Goa, there are some foreigners only beach in Pondicherry, where the foreigners are only allowed, because here too the Indians are banned.

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