These 5 Bollywood actresses who were the victims of Domestic Violence.

These 5 Bollywood actresses who were the victims of Domestic Violence.

In India, on one side women are given the status of Goddess and on the other hand, they are tortured in many ways. Everywhere women are subjected to violence, atrocities, and crime, dowry, raping and being mistreated. Often this happens with the daughter-in-law of the poor houses, but if all this happens with a celebrity who is related to a very good wealthy family then the thing becomes surprising.

It has also happened with some Bollywood actresses when their boyfriend or husband has raised their hands on those actresses. These Bollywood ladies have been beaten by their lover, somebody silently tortured. There are some couples who got married, some got separated before marriage.

Kangana Ranaut:

Although there is a huge difference in the age of Kangana and Aditya, there was a time when Kangana and Aditya stayed in a live-in relationship. Aditya had started abusing and beating her, against which Kangana filed an FIR.

Karishma Kapoor:

In 2004, Karishma married Sanjay Kapoor, Businessman of Delhi, but after a few years, she got divorced. The reason behind this was that Karisma had said that Sanjay had raised his hand in front of children many times, which frustrated Karishma and she gave divorce to Sanjay.

Dimpy Ganguly:

In Rahul Ka Swayamwar, Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly got married on the show itself. But in the year 2015, they got separated.

Sweta Tiwari:

TV’s famous actress Shweta Tiwari married Raja Chaudhary. They have a daughter too, after some time after marriage, it was all good, but gradually the Raja started torturing Shweta and then started doing domestic violence. Shweta, therefore, divorced him.

Aishwarya Rai:

Aishwarya had not married Salman, but the discussions of their love were very known. It is said that Salman was so passionate and possessive about Aishwarya that there was often a quarrel between them. There were reports that Salman had raised his hand on Aishwarya. Because of the bad attitude of Salman, Aishwarya left him.

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