These are India’s 5 most expensive television comedy artist.

These are India’s 5 most expensive television comedy artist.

There is no shortage of talent in India and our TV industry is full of talent. Comedy has now made its special place in the industry. A lot of comedy shows are being performed in the TV and the artist performing in it also has their own talent, which has the capability of making anyone laugh.

Many comedy shows like Comedy Circus, Laughter Challenge and Mausi ki class came on TV, the shows came and went, but the artists are still ruling the hearts of the people.

Today we are going to tell you about India’s 5 most expensive TV comedian’s, whose fees are in millions and all are special and best in their own way.

1. Kapil Sharma:

Popular comedian of India, Kapil Sharma, even though he is away from the screen these days and according to the reports, he is suffering from depression but he used to charge 80 lakh rupees for one show. Kapil Sharma is considered the king of comedy, but nowadays he is going through bad times. Kapil Sharma has also acted in some Bollywood films but he did not get any success in it.

2. Krushna Abhishek:

The great Tv actor and comedian Krushna Abhishek’s comedy is known in the worldwide. He became popular from the comedian show Laughter Challenge. Well, let me tell you that Krushna is the nephew of Govinda and hence the comedy is in their blood. Krushna Abhishek charges 30 to 40 lakh rupees for one day for coming to an episode.

3. Bharti Singh:

India’s finest female comedian, Bharti Singh has recently tied the knot with her boyfriend. Now she is in a reality show and charges 25 lakh rupees for one day to come to a show. Bharti has broken the stereotypes¬†and¬† spread a strong message that a fat woman can also do a stand-up comedy.

4. Siddharth Sagar:

Siddhartha Sagar is the first comedy artist of the TV industry and started it at a very small level but today he can overcome any big stand-up comedians. Siddharth earns around 12 lakh rupees for coming and performing at a show.

5. Sunil Grover:

Sunil Grover is known by the name of Dr. Mashhoor Gulati, Gutthi and now Rinku Bhabhi is a famous comedy artist in India. He started his career with Jaspal Bhatti’s popular show Flop Show. Then he was seen in Kapil Sharma’s show Comedy Knight With Kapil. Kapil’s show made Sunil very popular. Sunil takes charge of about 25 lakh rupees for 1 day.

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