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These candies are lost like our childhood. Our all time 90’s favorite candies.

These candies are lost like our childhood. Our all time 90’s favorite candies. Do you also miss them?

If we go back and remember the things that we have done in our childhood then it would bring a smile to our face. Some memories are just irreplaceable. And when it comes to childhood memories, then they are even more special to us.

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We have done many silly things in our childhood. From fighting with people to stealing the chocolates. It is such a joy of remembering that we do not want to get out of those things. Nowadays, on the social media, Nineteen’s childhood memories are trending. From remembering the old brand advertisements to our favorite chocolates all have disappeared. Let’s get drowned again in the memories of our childhood which use to be in small things, and lost somewhere today.

Center Shock:

As soon as the center shock came, it took possession of the market. This chewing gum used to be the first choice of teenagers of that era.

Big Babol:

This was one of the most trending and favorite chocolate of the 90’s kids. The children used to buy it and chew gum and make balloons.


Cadbury’s Chocki was the first choice of the children. From the beginning to the last the packet was full of liquid chocolate. In just two rupees, people used to get this chocolate.

Sweet Cigarettes:

When the children used to insist on smoking the cigarettes after seeing the elder people of the home, then the parents used to bring these sweet cigarettes. It was a kind of candy.

Pan Pasand:

Though I did not like this chocolate still there were many friends of mine who were fond of these candies. This pan flavored candy is still visible on small shops.


Although Poppins is still found in some places. But these famous colorful candies used to be found in every children’s pocket at that time.

Rola Cola:

This candy was also packed like Poppins. It did not have different flavors in it. The only flavor was cola. This candy was loved by everyone.

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