These funny Slogans behind Auto Rickshaws will make you go ROFL!

These Slogans behind Auto Rickshaws will make you go ROFL!

You all must have traveled in Autos. There are many people who love the ride of auto and therefore instead of booking a cab they prefer going by Auto. They are not only convenient but also a cheaper mode of transportation.

You must have seen trucks and heavy vehicles running on the road with interesting yet funny slogans. By reading different lines and dialogues written on auto, it seems as if the government has given them the responsibility of making the people of India knowledgeable. Some lines, written on auto, make people laugh, while some can give you knowledge.

Have you come across these interesting Autos? Today we are going to show you the latest version of India’s Atarangi Auto.

1. Sidhi Baat No Bakwas:

The auto driver’s strict instructions for those who say “bhaiya” when they are with their boyfriend.

2. Disturbed by his life:

Seeing the condition of this auto driver, it seems that he is more upset with his life. Sometimes it’s very difficult to hide the pain and feelings.

3. This one is EPIC!

It’s very difficult to understand the English of this auto driver. You must be struggling to understand the meaning of these lines. But don’t worry we will help you out. This line, written in special English, has a straightforward meaning:

‘ Believe a poisonous snake but not a Chowmin girl.’

4. Couple who sit in this auto, surely gonna break up after reading this!

If you call any auto rickshaw for your girlfriend, then thoroughly investigate the auto. This kind of relationship advice written in auto can get you a breakup.

5. What an attitude!

Whether you are driving an auto but the swag should not be less than Volkswagen. After all, respect is everything.

6. No smoking and no kissing:

These instructions break the hearts of those who take the support of auto to spend some cozy moments with their partners.

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