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These realistic and amazing puppies ice creams from Taiwan are freaking out the Internet.

These realistic and amazing puppies ice creams from Taiwan are freaking out the Internet. This ice cream is just too adorable.

Eating Ice cream somewhere makes the heart happy. But if the shape and structure of the ice cream is quite different and unique, will your dare to eat it?Something similar happened in a restaurant in Kaohsiung, the southern city of Taiwan, where customers are being treated with puppies-shaped ice cream.

These puppies are kept in the menu of a restaurant in Taiwan and the customers who come here click photograph with this amazing puppy look alike ice cream and eat it with great pleasure. This puppy ice cream looks absolutely real. It is made from chocolate, milk and peanut flavors.

A Taiwanese cafe has launched these ice-cream puppies… but they’re way too cute to eat:

To give it a real look, hair like Frost on top of Puppies ice cream has also been made. After this the ice cream is kept to frozen at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The staff make eyeballs of puppies on ice cream with chocolate sauce.

All this is done before giving that wrinkle features. Because of the social media, the ice cream has become more popular and its demand is so high that the restaurant is selling at least 100 ice cream everyday and even then they are not able to fulfill the demand of its customers.

According to the Strait Times, hordes of customers flock this cafe every day to get their hands on the eminently Instagrammable desserts. The gelato creations cost between NT$110 to NT$188 (approximately Rs. 250 to Rs. 400) and come in three different flavours. The labrador pup is earl grey-flavoured, the Shar Pei tastes like peanut butter and the pug is chocolate-flavoured.

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