This 90 years old Japanese Woman captures Amazing Pictures. You will also become her fan.

This 90 years old Japanese Woman captures Amazing Pictures. You will also become her fan.

People are fond of clicking pictures and uploading it on social media. Capturing pictures, editing and sharing online is the story of youngsters. But it does not suits old people. Right?

A Japanese grandmother is giving tough competition to all those who have the similar thinking. At the age of 90, this grandmother, who has become an internet sensation, is no less than a celebrity. A Japanese woman named Kimiko Nishimoto debuted her social media at the age of 90 and made a storm as soon as she arrived.

This grandmother, rich in creativity and passion, is very passionate about clicking photos. After clicking the photos, she herself edit the pictures and convert the simple picture to the finest creation. After watching the pictures of Fun Loving and Tech-friendly grandmother, you will also become her fan.

Harry Potter Look:

Looking at this picture, it seems that she is Harry Potter’s biggest fan. This photo filled with fun was highly appreciated.

This is called Editing:

Even at this age, her editing skills are pro-level. Not many photographs give evidence of this. The editing she does at this age, maybe many youngsters can not even do it.

Ninja Technique to please God. The amazing thing is that she herself click the pictures and edit by herself. Actually, this job can only be done by Japanese Super Grandmother.

I am an Angel:

In this picture, Grand Mother looks more happy and beautiful than any other fairy. This picture was also clicked and edited by Kimiko.

This picture is the best example of creativity and editing. By looking at the photos, it seems that along with young heart she has an extremely creative mind.

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