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This Actress Was In Love With Sunil Shetty And Wanted To Marry Him.

This Actress Was In Love With Sunil Shetty And Wanted To Marry Him. Do You Know This Actress?

The love affair between the Bollywood stars is not a new thing. Every day we come across such rumors. But there are still many celebrities who fell in love with each other on the sets and are happily married.

But there are many couples in the industry who did not get their love. Today, we are going to tell you about a similar pair of the 90s, who fell in love on the sets of the film, and the tales of their love have got a lot of headlines in the Bollywood.

You must be thinking about whom we are talking. Right? Actually, we are talking about Sunil Shetty’s who is known as Anna in the industry. He started his Bollywood career from the film Balwan in 1992 and has acted in nearly 110 films. During such a long film career, Sunil has worked with many actresses and has given many hit romantic films, while on the successful completion of his career, his name is associated with one of the most beautiful heroines.


So she is none other than our gorgeous Sonali Bendre. Yes!you heard it Sunil Shetty has worked with Sonali Bendre in films such as Takkar, Saput, Kahar, and Bhai. It is said that both of them had come very close during the shooting of the superhit film Bhai in 1997, which were also discussed at that time.

On the set, there was a special kind of chemistry used to see between them. According to Bollywood news, Sonali Bendre herself proposed Sunil to marry her but Sunil could not accept her proposal. Actually, the reason behind this will shock you.

Actually, the reason behind this was that Sunil was already married.

During an interview, Sunil Shetty disclosed the reason for not marrying Sonali and telling her the truth about her relationship. Sunil had said that if he was not already married, he would definitely think about Sonali.

Yes, Sunil Shetty was already married before he came to the movies. Actually, he married his childhood friend in the year 1991. In such a situation, Sunil did not want to betray his wife by marrying Sonali Bendre.

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