These are Modi’s 6 most favorite things, Do you know which company’s SIM he use?

Whatever Prime Minister does for the country, he does not hide from anyone, but here we are going to tell you about his personal life.

The popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is increasing day by day. After 2014, PM Modi has started counting among the world’s most powerful leaders. PM Modi has lifted India’s pride proudly on the world screen. Due to the efficient foreign policy, India has become much stronger than before. In this way whatever the Prime Minister does for the country is not hidden from anyone, but here we are going to tell you about his personal life.

Yes, like everybody, PM Modi is fond of some things.

So let us know what is special for you in this article?

1. He wears sunglasses of Bvlgari brand:

According to media reports, PM Modi likes to wear glasses and for this, he only like one brand, which is the bvlgari brand. The glasses that PM Modi wears, cost around 30 to 40 thousand rupees. PM Modi wears this glasses from the beginning.

2. Dresses from Ahmedabad only:

PM Modi odten travels to abroad, but he always make clothes for himself from Ahmedabad only. Let me tell you that PM Modi, Bipin and Jitendra Chauhan, have been making clothes from Taylor’s shop since 1989, which have become a big company today and the name of this company is Z-Blue, which is a big name in Ahmedabad.

3. Mont Blanc Pen:

PM Modi is very fond of the pen and he uses the Mont Blanc pen . This pen is PM Modi’s favorite pen. The price of this pen is 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees. For PM Modi, this pen is popularized and PM Modi uses it to sign important documents.

4. PM Modi uses this Sim card:

PM Modi has Apple’s phone and uses Vodafone sim. PM Modi does not have much interest in mobile, but he use Apple’s phone. Let me tell you that PM Modi has two SIMs and both are Vodafone.

5. The watch of the Movado brandnull

PM Modi likes to wear the watch of the Mevado brand and this brand is considered to be Lucky for him. Often you must have seen a watch in PM Modi’s wrist, this watch is of the Mevado brand and it is estimated to be between Rs. 39000 and 2 lakhs.

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