This Bollywood Actor wears a watch worth Rs. 2 Crore.

This Bollywood Actor wears a watch worth Rs. 2 Crore. Do you know these Bollywood stars and their love for the super expensive watches?

Bollywood actors have everything. Their luxury is not hidden from anyone. From expensive clothes to expensive houses, these Bollywood celebrities do not fail to amaze us.

In the case of luxury watches, our favorite Bollywood celebrities are also not left behind. From wearing expensive watches like Rolex to wearing luxury watches like Omega, they themselves are covered in the trend. In such a situation, we will talk about the 5 Bollywood stars who wear the most expensive watches. Are you ready?

1. Imran Hashmi:

The first name in this list is Bollywood’s serial kisser i.e. Imran Hashmi. Let me tell you Imran is very crazy for watches. By the way, Imran has many expensive brand watches, but Audemars Piguet is his favorite brand. Imran has Audemars Piguet’s watch worth Rs.2.1 crores.

Let me tell you that only 32 pieces of this clock are made. In India, Imran Hashmi is only having this watch.

2. Shahrukh Khan:

Bollywood King Khan used to endorse TAG Heuer brand, after which the brand became quite popular. He has lots of TAG Heuer watches, but at the moment his favorite watch is Rolex Cosmograph. Often he is seen wearing Rolex Cosmograph Watch with White Gold Dial, which costs 12 lakh rupees.

3. Deepika Padukone:

Deepika Padukone’s Favorite Watch brand is Tissot. She has a collection of Tissot watches. Often she is seen wearing Tissot’s classic Prince Diamond Rose Gold Watch. Let us tell you that Deepika’s watch price is 8 lakh rupees.

4. Abhishek Bachan:

Jr. Bachchan also has a great collection of expensive watches. The watch that he wears these days is Seamaster 300 omega master. The price of this watch is 7.5 lakhs.

5. Saif Ali Khan:

Bollywood Nawab Saif Ali Khan is also known for his expensive hobbies. Saif is so fond of watches that he changes the watch 3 times a day. Saif likes Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso brand watches. Saif’s current watch costs 7.1 lakh rupees.

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