This bridge is made up of 50,000 Bamboos. The amazing Bamboo Bridge in Cambodia.

This bridge is made up of 50,000 Bamboos. Cars and Trucks can also pass through this bridge.

In our village, we use to sleep outside the house on a cot, but when it rains we go inside our houses. You must have seen the folding cot which is mostly used by the people of the village. But have you ever heard that a heavy 3300 ft long bridge made of bamboo is removed before the rain starts and it is rebuilt once the rainy season is over?

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You must be curious to know how this bridge has been made. This bridge is constructed every year.

Connecting the two Islands:

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Pic courtesy- wittyfeed

The Bridge built on the Mekong River on the bridge via Cambodia has always been skeptical about the construction of this bridge. But in 1986, its new design was created, which is still going on. This bridge connects two islands of Cambodia. From Kampong Cham province, this bridge goes up to Koh Pen.

Despite the concrete bridge, the construction of this bridge made of bamboo begins every year after the rainy season.

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There is only one reason behind this, avoiding wasteful expenses. In fact, bamboo is produced in large quantities in Cambodia, and this tree is associated with the culture of the country. The government has kept the concrete bridge parallel to this bridge. But its construction is continuously going on to save culture and tradition and to woo tourists.

Tourist’s first choice:

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People who visit Cambodia do not return back without visiting this bridge. People have to pay money to cross this bridge. Local people have to pay 100 riels, while foreign tourists have to give 40 times more than the riel. This bridge also has the ability to handle heavy weight on this bridge. At the same time, separate lanes are made for pedestrians, cars, and bikers.

Bridges remain closed from May to November:

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This bridge is made upon the Mekong River. When the rainy season is about to begin, the bridge is removed. In fact, after the rainy season, the increased water level of the river increases the risk of not getting the load of the bridge and falling. The bamboo extracted from the bridge is collected after the November month, it is rebuilt from the same bamboo.

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