This Disney obsessed Family has visited Disney more than 300 times!

This Disney obsessed Family has visited Disney more than 300 times!

People who gets an opportunity to visit Disneyland again and again must be so lucky! Where Many people dream of going to Disneyland, there are some people who have already made records of going to Disneyland more than 300 times.

Today we are going to introduce you to a family who wanders on Disneyland every weekend. The family of these four people has so far visited Disneyland for more than 300 times and till now the count continues.

Let’s know about the story of this family going to Disneyland every weekend. The Ruvalcaba family lives in Norwalk city, located near Disneyland in California. Because of this, Disney Park, located in Anaheim, is sure to visit once a week.

Whenever this family goes to Disneyland, they are dressed in different characters. Mother Jennifer makes all these outfits herself. It all started when Jennifer learned sewing.

So far, she has made more than 60 costumes for his six-year-old daughter Riley 20 costumes for her two-year-old son Liam. All of these outfits are of their favorite cartoon characters.

Jennifer tells that she dresses herself by buying a cheap clothing from a local shop, so that she can save some money. Since the time Jennifer started posting her pictures with these disney outfits, she have started getting a good response since then and she is now making money from her Disney Costume Business. Even though these families are now busy in business, but these people continue  to go to Disney every week.

Jennifer said: “I stay up all night doing these costumes for [Riley] because I spend the whole day with my kids and it’s worth it.”

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