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This friendship day be careful of Cyber Friendship. Follow these tips.

This friendship day be careful of Cyber Friendship. Follow these tips.

In real life, even if the number of friends is less, but in Virtual Life, the list of friends is more. In the last few years, the Internet has emerged as a major source of friendship. Here you will find different people. But such Internet friendship sometimes becomes a curse with a boon. You need to be very cautious.

1 Dependency –

Avoid too much chatting with friends on Interner or say avoid too much dependency on Facebook. In this way, you may get addicted to it, which can prove to be very fatal. Many times it has also been seen that people are suffering from depression due to not coming online for some days of their Facebook Friends.

2 Personal Life –

In this way, your personal and natural life is badly affected. Often people spend hours on Facebook, lose their true social life, and stay away from virtual life. Take time out for yourself, and spend time with family and friends.

3 Health –

Facebook or Internet friendship can spoil your health too. It is harmful to sit in one place for a long time, and sometimes we also ignore hunger and thirst which is wrong. It also affects your mental state. You can not guess about the real life of any friend on the internet, you can become a fool too.

4 Personal Information –

Sharing your personal information with friends on social media can also lead to serious trouble. Many times, through them, you may be a victim of some big deception or fraud.

5 Sharing –

Without a complete understanding of the whole information, it is not good to believe anyone. Many times you trust someone and share your personal photos. These photos can also be used to spoil your image or trap you. Avoid giving your phone number, address information or photos.

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naushin Ahmed
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