This magical pen worth Rs.1900 will help you in passing your exams. From here you can buy it.

Be its College, school exam, or any competitive exam, everybody wants to be the topper in it for which everyone tries very hard. You must remember your old examination days when students in the classroom take the help of various things like copying, cheating to get passed in the exams.

Many a time students even think of different ways which can make them easily pass the examination. There is good news for all the students who wanted to pass the exam without studying. Actually, others may be surprised to know this, but there is good news for them that a pen is being promoted with the claim that he/she can pass the test without studying.

This miraculous power has come from Yagya:

This miraculous pen is being advertised in a temple in Panchmahal district of Gujarat, which is priced at Rs. 1900. Advertising of this unique pen is printed in the Gujarati language. In this pamphlet, the Hanuman Sevak, whose full name is Dushyant Bapuji, is claiming that after the sacrifice of Hanuman, Saraswati, this pen has supernatural power, which has enabled this pen to answer every question.

These instructions have to be given for purchase.

Apart from this, if you want to purchase this pen then you have to give some information. This information includes their mobile number, receipt of examination, photo ticket photocopy and ID of the school or college.

Advertising is being done with the money back guarantee:

Not only this, it has also been written in the advertisement, that if any student fails in the examination, then the entire money will be returned. I.e. Money Back Gurantee.

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