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This man fell in love with a girl in train. Sticks 4000 posters across the city to find her.

This man fell in love with a girl in train. Sticks 4000 posters across the city to search her.

It is said that love can happen to anyone at any point of time. When someone falls in love then they have their eyes only on one and you want to meet them again and again. Many people falls in love everyday but have you ever heard that someone crossed all the limits just to find that one girl?

Yes! you heard it right. Today we are going to tell you about an incident that might have happened in the world for the first time. Of course you too will be surprised to know about this boy’s craziness.

Actually, this incident is from West Bengal. A boy in a local train saw a girl and he fell in love with the girl. But the boy did not know who the girl is and from where she is. The one-sided loving boy did this in search of his love, which nobody imagined in his dream.

Yes, this boy sticks 4000 posters for the girl’s search between Konnagar and Howrah’s Bali in the district of Hooghly district.

Along with this, the boy also made a seven-minute film and uploaded it on YouTube.

According to information, a government employee from Kolkata has adopted this unique approach to find that girl. 29-year-old Vishwajit Poddar, who works in State Environment Department living in Behla is working in Salt Lake. In July, he was travelling on a local train one day, at the same time he saw a girl.

It was the love at first sight, Vishwajeet has fallen in love with her. To find that girl, Vishwajit has placed 4000 posters. In these posters, Vishwajeet has given a YouTube link as well as the YouTube link of his film.

Vishwajeet says that because of his madness, people have started calling him crazy.

Mr Poddar said: ‘I know what I’ve been doing is a bit crazy, but I can’t help it. ‘It was love at first sight and I just cannot get out of my mind.’


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