This newly married couple traveled 33 countries for their honeymoon and that too in one dress.

After getting married, people go somewhere on their honeymoon. Some prefer hill stations to spend some quality time with their life partner. Whereas others prefer going abroad. This all depends upon their financial status. If you are financially strong then you can go to foreign or else there are only some places in India where new wedding couples go around.

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But there is a couple who has become famous for celebrating their honeymoon in 33 countries of the world. This couple has also witnessed their love in front of Agra’s Taj Mahal. The couple celebrated their honeymoon for the year and celebrated the marriage in many big countries around the world.

The world’s unique couple celebrated the honeymoon in 33 countries, in addition to this, the bride did not change her dress during this period and traveled all over the country in the same dress and enjoyed her honeymoon.

This unique couple celebrated their honeymoon in 33 countries.

American couple Nick and Zoe Aust decided to roam the world after their marriage. For two complete years, they have celebrated their honeymoon in 33 countries. The main thing is that the couple did not change their outfit and celebrated honeymoon in 33 countries from Turkey, China, and India in the same dress.

Nick and Zoe’s first meeting took place in the 10th grade and he remained affluent for many years. They married in the year 2017 and then made a list in which the plan of a honeymoon was written in 33 countries.

This beautiful couple has a huge fan following on Instagram. They also visited India and traveled to big cities like Agra, Mumbai, Delhi. In these two years, whenever this newly married couple reached a new country, the bride enjoyed her honeymoon in her wedding dress and made it unique. This dress is the wedding dress of the girl. This couple uploaded all the pictures of their honeymoon on social media.

The couple is madly in love with each other:

Nick and Zoe told the tales of their love to some viral media news agency. According to Nick, this honeymoon plan was taking place from a very long time ago. The couple got hitched in 2017 and then went on to leave on their honeymoon and made a list to travel around the world.

Nick and Zoe did this to make their honeymoon memorable forever, and they also have done much shopping from these different countries. Apart from this, the taste of the festive dishes was also tasted as a unique record, now the couple has returned to their country.

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