This school gives love holiday, Every month they get leave to spend time with their loved ones.

A school in China has released a new love policy of the year, which also includes the provision of love to leave like Family Leave and Happiness Leave. Yes, these unique holidays schools have offered a two-and-a-half-day ‘Love’ month to raise the morale of single and parent teachers.

The purpose of the school behind this is that due to work pressure many times it happens that single and teachers with no children can give time to their love.

You will get 2 days Love leave in a month:

There is a middle school in Jihang (Zhejiang) city of China, which is named Dinglan Experimental Middle School. Here every month teachers are given two Half Days, which is named as “Love Leave”. So that single teachers can give time to their relationship.

Family Leave:

These holidays were started in the school from January 15, 2019. This leave is especially for singles teachers. But this school gives Family Leaves to those teachers who have families. Earlier, there was also a provision for leave like ‘Single Child Leave’ in this school.

The teacher who had only one child was given a single child holiday in such a manner as per the ‘Single Child’ policy. But after 2015, when China rejected the single child policy. Since then these schools have offered family leave to teachers who have children under 18 years of age.

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