Tips to Keep your home cool without A.C.

Follow these tips to Keep your home cool without A.C. This really works.

Every summer, we all think of different ways to keep our home cool. Some people go for air conditioners whereas other prefer desert coolers. But there are some people who cannot afford these two things. And therefore, they look for some natural ways to keep their house cool.

You must be knowing, there are many sides effects of using air conditioners as well as coolers. It leads to severe body aches and sometimes serious health problems. But everyone wants to get rid of the heat caused in summer.

So today we are going to tell you about some tips that could help you to get rid of the heat in summer.

Unplug the electronic things:

Often we keep the electronic plugs attached to the power point. You may be unaware of this, but it produces heat, which increases the temperature of the house.

Sleep on Floors:

You can make yourself feel cold even by putting a bed on the ground. Sleep on the floors or in some height above the floor.

Keep your bedsheets and curtains here:

If you are thinking that we are asking you to open the refrigerator gate and cool the room, then we are not saying that at all. And don’t you even think of doing this. What we mean to say is that by making a small space in the fridge, you can keep the curtains and sheets in it. After this, put these curtains on the window and use that bedsheet, which will make you feel cool.

Use CFL instead of a bulb:

Ordinary bulbs turn 90 percent of the energy into heat so the heat is generated in the room. Instead, if you use CFL, the room will be cold.


In today’s time, there is not much space in anybody’s house, but still plant one or two trees right in the balcony of your home, so that fresh air can keep your home cool.

Keep the doors of empty rooms closed:

Keep the doors of the restrooms closed apart from the room you are sitting in the summer. This will also keep the coolness in the house.

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