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To get a clear view from the window, this coupled cleared 650 tons of garbage.

To get a clear view from the window, this coupled cleared 650 tons of garbage from Mahim beach.

A Mumbai couple bought a flat along the Mahim beach. When both of them shifted to their new house, as soon as they opened the window, the garbage spread on the beach appeared in front of them.

They were known that there is garbage on the beach but they did not expect so much waste. Days passed, but every day they use to see the same garbage from their window. During a conversation on a weekend, they resolved that during the holidays, they would clean the beach by giving some time.

The story of this couple, who lived as Associate Vice President of VIACOM18, and now running his own design firm Indranil Sengupta and his wife Rabiya Tiwari, is not less than any inspiration.

Come let’s know how both of them cleaned a part of Mahim Beach in 46 weeks of lengthy time.

The corporation did not listen:

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Before taking up cleanliness, both of them spoke in the Bahunmumbai Mahanagar Palika, but they did not took any action. Later both of them took the task in their hands. They started work of cleaning of the one-kilometer area from the Mahim Dargah to Hinduja Hospital. The cleaning was started on 9th September 2017 along with some people from the building.

Involvement of fewer people:

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Indranil explains that he used to do 2 to 3 hours of cleaning in the days instead of going to a pub or mall. Due to the lack of contact with people, they were not able to extend their coverage beyond one kilometer.

Social Media Increased the scope:

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They both took the help of social media platforms, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. They started adding people and the extent of the campaign of Mahim began to grow. People joined and this mission started full-fledged.

No matter what the circumstances were, they never stopped working:

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Indranil shares that he never stopped working. Whether the weather gets worse or they get any work. But he and his team never stopped working. In many cases, cleaning work was not stopped even during the rain.

The miracle can happen if the government helps:

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Indranil says in his interviews that miracles can happen if the government helps them. This team, which clears 650 tonnes of garbage in 46 weeks, is the inspiration for the country.

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