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Today’s youth must not have seen these old Indian Advertisements. You will be amazed.

Today’s youth must not have seen these old Indian advertisements. You will be amazed.

Advertisements have their own separate world. Many times, this world of advertisements becomes so entertaining in itself that it does not feel like going out of it. For example, look at the Tata sky popular Ad series or Cadbury TV ads.

In today’s time, advertisements are mainly shown in the form of videos on the television and social media. But many years ago, Indian advertisements were very different. That time there was only print media.

Advertising in single pages means different level of creativity. Today we are going to show you some such old Indian advertisements that will leave you amazed.

1. The biggest advertisement of all time- “Amul”.

2. The starting of Talcum powder ad was like this:

3. You probably have never heard of the name of ‘Tata-Mercedes-Benz’.

4. ‘ENO’ was sold earlier this way:

5. Before Shahid and Ayesha, ‘Bournvita’ AD was like this.

6. ‘Ponds’, a lot has changed since then:

7. Ah! Taj! :

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