Top 5 Best Wildlife destinations in India for Animal Lovers.

Top 5 Wildlife destinations in India for Animal Lovers.

You must have visited different places for its pristine beauty and view. To enjoy the luxury and to spend some quality time. When we feel like going on a vacation then we prefer places that are refreshing and beautiful.

If you are bored by spending the holiday in mountains and oceans, then now add Wildlife Destination to your list. Because here is a golden opportunity for the animal lovers to see and know them closely.

Away from the crowd and noise of the city, spend some time with nature and animals which gives a different experience.

Here we are listing out India’s 5 Famous and Wonderful Wildlife Destinations.

1. Jim Corbett National Park:

You can get an opportunity to see Bengal Tiger in India’s oldest National Park. Here you will not only meet the Bengal Tiger but also Leopard, Sambhar, Himalaya Black Bear, Hog Deer and all such animals while visiting the jungle in Safari. Along with this, the nearby river Kosi river with the Garjia Devi temple present there can also be seen. This temple built on the mountains looks a bit different from the Kosi river.

2. Kaziranga National Park- Assam:

This is India’s only single park where you will find a horny rhinoceros. Because of this, you have seen the picture of rhinoceros in many advertisements related to Kaziranga National Park. At the same time, Assam is known for the greenery and the mountains full of greenery. That’s why you will love the greenery of this park and the birds and animals here.

3. Gir Forest National Park:

If you have a lot of interest in watching a tiger, then the Gir National Park is made for you. The carnivores group mainly comprises the Asiatic lion, Indian leopard, jungle cat, striped hyena, Golden jackal, Indian and Ruddy mongeese, and honey badger.  But do not go during the monsoon because the park is kept closed during that time. You can plan here at any time from October to June.

4. Sunderbans National Park:

Surrounded by mangrove trees, the Sunderbans Royal Bengal is the largest protected area of Tiger. In addition to these tigers, there are many species of birds and reptiles. If you go here, do not forget to see the park sitting on a local boat. Sundarbans National Park is the largest delta park in the world, spread over 10,200 sq km in India and Bangladesh. One-third of this park is settled on water.

5. Bandhavgarh National Park:

Bandhavgarh Park is surrounded by 32 hills of Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. The name of this park is named after a hill named Bandhavgarh. A two-thousand-year-old fort is also built on Bandhavgarh hill. There are 22 species of animals and 250 species of birds found in this park. The park is spread over 437 sq km, it can be seen sitting there in elephants or trains.

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