Unbelievable! This Girl Sacrificed Her Own Comforts To Shelter These 50 Animals.

Unbelievable! This Girl Is Sacrificing Her Own Comforts To Shelter These 50 Animals. Don’t Believe? Read the Complete Story here.

There are millions of abandoned stray dogs who roam the street worldwide. Many people have problem with these voiceless pure creatures and often abuse them. These innocent creatures cant speak and neither they can share their feelings with anyone. Due to the increased number of abandoned stray dogs government too take severe cruel steps to deal with this overpopulation by giving them poison, electrocution and shooting.

But there are still many pet lovers who can go beyond everything just to see them happy and safe. Today i can say that humanity is still alive. Can anyone abdicate his/her own comforts for the abandoned creatures?

There is a girl who have sacrificed her dreams and comforts just to provide the forever homes to these abandoned animals. Yes! You heard it right. Such people do exists.

Meet Ruchi, a Resident of Delhi who has taken the concept of Animal Welfare to just another level.

Ruchi resides in old Delhi near Ajmeri Gate.

Ruchi, despite her humble accomodation, takes care of around 50 animals inside her own house. Yes ! 50. Its hard to believe, but many people visited her place and truth was even more grieving. She take care of many dogs and cats. Its even more than 50!

Ruchi is not financially strong but her efforts to help these innocent creatures has really made us feel proud of her.

There are few people who are pet lovers and manage to keep one animal in their home, but Ruchi does it for so many, it is truly shocking. And, her care for pets has not ended there. She also manages to feed strays in her street.
She is financially not very good, and yet nothing deters her from taking responsibility of these babies. I know it is barely believable, but such people deserve all the allocates and our support.
She even shelters the recuperating animals. She has been rescuing these homeless creatures since 3 years. Ruchi have also rescued monkeys, cats and many other pets. Feeding so many animals is not easy. But she is managing to help these innocent creatures.
If we can’t become like Ruchi but atleast we can help her. I believe there are very few people with a spirit and open heart as Ruchi and she deserves every possible help she can get from all of us.
If you are also willing to help Ruchi in this noble cause, then you can contact her.
Her Paytm no:
88606 46671
Her bank account details are – 
Oriental bank of commerce
Branch –chawri bazar.
Account no -00152191006146

You can even visit her anytime you want to.

H. N 1307 Gali Kundewalan Bagichi Tan Sukh rai Ajmerigate Delhi 6.
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