Want to increase your immunity? Drink this remedy just twice a week.

The disease-resistant capacity of any person depends on their immunity, as long as their immunity is strong, they remain far from the diseases, they do not have to cope with the problems like cold, cold and cough during the changing season

On the other hand, people with a weak immune always have the risk of various types of small diseases, and in these cases, sometimes people call them as delicate. Actually, let us tell you that this happens because when the virus or bacteria of the disease enter the body, then the immune system is not able to fight with the diseases.

Herbal Drink:

Black pepper – 2-3 grains

Small cardamom – 2

Cinnamon – 2 small pieces

basil leaves – 8-10 ginger pieces

Honey – one medium spoon

First, take one and a half glass of water in a vessel and put it on the flame, now add honey, cracked pepper, cardamom powder, small pieces of ginger, basil leaves. Let it cook on a low flame for about 7 to 8 minutes so that the extract of all Ayurvedic ingredients gets mixed in it. Now switch off the gas and filter the remaining decoction in a glass or cup and now you can drink it by adding a spoon of honey.

Why is it so beneficial:

It is very easy to make this drink and all the ingredients and all the ingredients are easily available in the market. Now let us also tell you that this drink is very beneficial because it enhances your body’s immunity and protects it not only from many diseases but also from many health problems. Actually, oil found in cardamom proves to be good for digestion and works like magic and cinnamaldehyde painkillers are found in cinnamon. Apart from this, cinnamon cleanses blood flow and cleansing process and also removes irritation. This drink is also effective in weight loss because the antioxidants present in black pepper, cinnamon and ginger, fix your metabolism, due to which your food is well digested.

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