We bet you must have not seen these after breakup creative tattoos!

You must have seen people with tattoos signifying the love for their partner. But after breakup, people regret having those tattoos.

Some people make a big mistake when they make their girlfriends or their wife’s face tattoo on their body. Many of them have to change their tattoos further, because they have become their X. From Bollywood to Hollywood celebrities, there are many star couples who got separated but still have tattoos in their hands.

Here we are not going to talk about those girls but will mention their partners who have made a huge change in their tattoos. Actually, after making changes in the real tattoos, they have emerged as something different and the best, perhaps in the first place, nobody would have thought about making such a design.

Post breakup: Tattoo Makeover.

1. Dog is better than his ex:

This guy chose the cute dog at the place of his EX tattoo, which he engraved on his chest. Isn’t it a good makeover?

2. He made his EX a Warrior:

This person has chosen the ancient Samurai Warrior to change his ex face tattoo. You can see the artist’s hard work.

3. His Ex should have seen this creativity:

The alteration of this tattoo is great. At the moment, it is curious to know how this girl has reacted by seeing the transformation of her face tattoo. His face has completely become like a monster.

4. One more devil:

Perhaps it seems that the boys like to change their EX tattoos into a monster or devil. They might have come across a lot of pain.

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