What? Victoria Beckham uses moisturizer made from her own blood.

Who doesnot want to look beautiful? Girls want to look young and beautiful always. For that, they use various types of creams and treatments. In fact, many women are so sensitive towards their look that they even go for expensive beauty treatments and plastic surgery.

Even Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities use expensive beauty creams and treatments to look beautiful.

The American model Kim Kadarsian’s Vampire FACIAL was a subject of discussions. In which the blood from a body part is taken and then uses it for facial. Not only Kim, but there are many celebrities who use their own blood to look beautiful. These days, a new name has been added to this list, fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

Recently, 44-year-old Victoria Beckham revealed that she uses a moisturizer of her own blood to look younger and beautiful.

In making this moisturizer, she spent 1200 pounds i.e. one lakh rupees.

Sea Placenta Facial:

This is not the first time that Victoria Beckham is using a special way to enhance beauty. Before that, she has been taking sea placenta facials. This increases the collagen production of the face and increases the elasticity of the face.

Victoria, who already has glowing skin, said: “After sleeping in the mask, (which soaks in so doesn’t look funny or feel sticky) my skin feels amazing! Super hydrated and clear! And very soft!”. 

Hailey Baldwin:

In addition to Victoria, some time ago, the supermodel and singer Justin Biber’s wife, Halley Baldwin, revealed that she put her blood in the cream and uses it. According to Baldwin, she does this on the advice of the dermatologist. They are added to the other beauty products after filtering with a machine. With this cream, the skin gets good nourishment and the face remains free of pimples.

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