What? You can enjoy these dishes in foreign for just Rs.100!

What? You can enjoy these dishes in foreign for just Rs.100!

You all must have heard from your friends or people that foreign trip is very expensive. Not only the staying but foods are also very expensive. But what we are talking about is that you can enjoy delicious food for just Rs.100 in foreign. Yes! you heard it right.

In India, we can have many things in just Rs.100. You can get panipuri (which you can get for just 50 rupees), masala dosa, Pav Bhaji, ice cream (which is found on the streets). You can even eat lots of things like pizza (which is of a small size) and many other things.

But when you go to find something to eat in a foreign country and you have just 100 rupees, then here are the options that you can have.


If you visit India’s neighboring country Nepal, you can eat momos there in just 100 rupees. Since Nepal is a cheap country compared to India, you will also have money to eat ice cream after eating mamos.


The name of this delicious dish, seen in the picture, is called Bubur Ayam, which you will find easily on the streets of Indonesia. This is the famous breakfast there. You will spend only 60-70 rupees to buy it.


In the Netherlands, you can buy 10-12 pancakes from the supermarket in just100 rupees. You and your friends can easily enjoy these pancakes.

South Africa:

Mc-D is found in most major cities. But this is a great option for stomach worship in South Africa. You can buy two cheeseburgers for just Rs 100.


Shawarma pita is Egypt’s most tasty and famous street food. You will find it easily there. By eating this delicious dish you will keep licking your fingers.


Vietnam is famous for its peculiar Street Foods. But you can enjoy Pho at less than Rs 100. It is a kind of soup with noodles, vegetables, and chicken.


If you want to feed your hunger in 70 rupees in the USA, then NYC pizza slices can be a good option for you.

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