What? You will get Noodles and Chocolates as “Prasad” in these temples.

In India we have different people with different cultures. Each of us worship god in our own way. There are different temples in our country where it is believed that if you visit that temple then your every wish will be fulfilled.

Yes! and if you believe then there are temples that are known for its powers. Many people have experienced it and so they also believe in them.

But in the middle of this we have some such temples which are also known for the odds and different offerings offered to God. Today we are going to tell you about some such temples where devotees are given unique prasads compared to other temples.

1.Chinese Kali Mata- Kolkata:

The Chinese Kali Mata temple is situated in the Tongra area of ​​Kolkata. Here, Kali Mata is offered noodles and fried rice in the offerings. Then these are distributed to the devotees as prasad. For this reason, the name of this temple is Chinese Kali Mata. The 55-year-old priest, Ison Chen, takes care of this temple.

2. Bala Murugan God- Keral:

The Temple of Bala Murugan God is located in Alleppey, Kerala. Bala Murugan God loves chocolate. Therefore, chocolate is offered to God in the form of Prasad and then chocolate is distributed to devotees who come here.

3. Khabees Baba- Uttar Pradesh:

The temple of Khabees Baba is located in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here the liquor is offered in the temple and the same liquor is distributed to the devotees as a Prasad. There is a belief that drinking alcohol in the temple fulfills the desire. There are also many monkeys around the temple, who consume the wine here.

4. Kamakhya Temple:

A grand fair is organized every year at Kamakhya temple of Guwahati. During the fair, the doors of the mother are closed for the devotees for 3 days and on the fourth day when the doors of the temple are opened, devotees are given a wet cloth in the form of offerings. It is believed that this garment is soaked with the mother’s menstrual blood.
It’s a myth that this is the day that Kamakhya menstruates. Don’t quote me on that.

5. Palani Temple:

In Palani temple of Tamilnadu, Lord Murugan is offered Jam as Offering and people get jam as a gift in the form of Prasad. This jam is made of fruits. It is believed that Lord Murugan liked the taste of this jam. It is distributed among devotees as offerings.

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