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When millions of people die from hunger, these pictures will bring tears to your eyes.

When millions of people die from hunger, these pictures will bring tears to your eyes.

The generation born in the era of Trenet probably would not know what a famine is? What happens with this? When did this come? These are some of the questions that probably the new generation would never have imagined.

However, in this situation, the new generation should Google it. They will get to know what the famine is all about. Today we are going to tell you about a famine. Yes! this was the time when people suffering from hunger were forced to eat snakes and grasses. Millions of people died in this famine.

It was 1943 when there was a famine in Bengal. Even today, people are shocked to remember that formation. Let me tell you that Bengal has now become Bangladesh. According to the information, this famine was lying in India’s West Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa region. The photographs taken in this period are so horrible that only an indication of this disaster can be applied.

You will be shocked to see the pictures.

Even before independence:

This is the incident of 4 years before India’s independence. Then India was also called British India. The British ruled the country. During this period, World War II was also going on. Meanwhile, there was a terrible famine in Bengal in 1943.

What actually happened:

There was a shortage of grains in Bengal. According to Wikipedia, nearly three million people died agonizing with hunger. Prices were also skyrocketing due to lack of rice. And the fear of the invasion of Japan and other boats and bullocks was being seized in Bengal. They were also being destroyed. By doing this the supply system completely collapsed. There was an atmosphere of confusion everywhere.

Roads full of skeletons:

A professor who visited the premises of the famine told the BBC that ‘the streets of Kolkata, Dhaka were completely filled with skeletons, as if people had just arrived in Bengal to die.’

This was the situation:

According to the BBC’s report, ‘People started looking for food and shelter in big cities like Kolkata, Dhaka, but there was no food and no place to live. They had to struggle with dogs and cats to eat. ‘


On one hand, people were dying from hunger, and on the other hand, the people were throwing their children in the rivers. According to a BBC report, people were forced to eat snakes and grasses. To run a family, women were forced to do prostitution. There was a heap of skeletons on the streets of Kolkata.

The reason behind this:

There are two reasons behind this famine. First Natural Disaster and Second Anglo-government Policies Primarily, the policies of the British Government were responsible for it.

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