Wow! These beautiful cities of the world are settled under water.

There are many such secrets in the world which have not been revealed to anyone till date. Today we will tell you about one of those mysteries. You must have heard and read about many ancient cities that are buried under the soil. I do not know how many mysteries have been covered in such a way, but even today there are some mysteries which have not been solved yet.

Today we will tell you about the cities that are submerged in water and the existence of them is also buried in the deep sea today.

1. Alexandria : The city of Cleopatra:

Alexander the Great, one of Egypt’s rulers, built the Cleopatra in Egypt. It is believed that the city was built in memory of the famous beautiful Cleopatra of that time. The city was submerged 1600 years ago which was then founded by the team of the Archaeological Surveillance Department in 1998. It is believed that the city was submerged due to the earthquake.

2. Port Royal- Jamaica:

One of the big cities of Europe was Jamaica City, quite timid and full of people. Let us tell you that the liquor of this country was very famous, as well as the practice of prostitutes here, which people used to savor for their entertainment. But due to an earthquake in 1962, the city also fell into the lagoons of the sea, in which 2000 People were also killed

3. Pavlopetri, Greece:

Pic courtesy- Discovery

Around 1000 B.C. This beautiful city also had been absorbed into the sea due to the earthquake. The streets, architecture, and tombs of this city were made quite systematically. Even today, seeing this city, it seems that this city is still the same as it was in 1000 B.C. Even today the city is safe under water. In 1967 the city was discovered. As well as this city is included in the very ancient archaeological site inside the water.

4. Dwarka, India:

Known as the city of Lord Krishna in the Mahabharata, this city is also very popular in Indian stories. After the departure of the city of Sri Krishna, this city gradually submerged. Let us tell you that silver and gold were used in the palaces of this city.

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