Yes! Its true idols in this 400-year-old Mandir in Bihar talkwith each other.

There are many people who have faith in god. But there are others also who doesnot believe in God. Today, there are so many temples in our country, where millions of people come and worship God. Although there are many people who do not believe in God nor do they believe in God’s powers.

But there are many such temples in our country where God’s miracles are seen, and seeing these miracles, any person will start believing in them.

Today, we are going to tell you about a similar temple of our country, where the idols of God speak and the voice comes from these idols. All those who came to this temple built in Buxar of Bihar have started believing in God and the powers of God.

All those who came to this temple built in Buxar of Bihar have started believing in God and the powers of God.

In this Temple, God’s Idols speak with each other.

This temple built in Buxar is the temple of Mata Rani and people here see the powers of God. The name of this temple is Raj Rajeshwari Tripura Sundari Temple which is dedicated to Mother Tripura Sundari Mata. In this temple, there are statues of ten Mahavidyas in addition to these mothers, which are of Kali, Dhumavati, Tara, Chhulta Masta, Shodasi, Matangdi, Kamala, Agrajika Tara, and Bhuvaneshwari.

Let us tell you that these Mahavidyas are worshiped in the Gupta Navaratri and all these Mahavidyas are worshiped in this temple. Not only this, but this temple is also known for spiritual practice. This temple was built by the famous Tantric Bhavani Mishra and this temple is 400 years old. This temple is being handled by Bhavani Mishra’s family since then.

Voices of these Idols are heard:

Whoever comes in this temple, they hear something or it seems that these idols are talking among themselves. The priests of this temple say that the mother’s voice is heard in this temple. Apart from the Mahavidyasis in this temple, idols have been set up including Bangmakumati Mata, Dattatreya Bhairav.

Late Night Puja: (Worship)

Many people visit this temple and this temple is open all night. Here many people pray to get their wish fulfilled.

Scientists have even heard the voice:

On the other hand, if you are feeling that the sounds heard in this temple can be a superstition of the people, then you are absolutely wrong. Because many of the scientists have visited this temple. These scientists have made great efforts to find out about these voices in the temple. But all these scientists have failed and they have not been able to find out where this voice comes from in this temple. Here, many people living nearby hear the sounds while passing through this temple at night.

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