You can visit these 5 cheapest countries in the world. Are you ready?

You can visit these 5 cheapest countries in the world. Are you ready?

We all dream of traveling to foreign countries. And many of us even plan the trip but at last, we cancel the trip because of the money problem. Yes, we often make plans to travel abroad, but we are never successful. In most of the time, the budget remains the biggest problem. As a solution to this problem, there are many countries that can make you travel to good places even on a very low budget.

Then come, let’s look at the five countries that can fulfill your dream of traveling overseas.

1. Oman:

It is said that if you have not seen the beauty of Oman, then you have stayed away from a wonderful preservation of nature. The beauty of this country, situated on the banks of the coast, is covered in the desert here. By reaching Muscat International Airport from India, you can travel to Oman with a budget of around 20 thousand.

There are many traditional markets and natural beauty possibilities to look for in Oman. At the same time, during the sunset, the beauty of Jebel Akhtar does not want to leave any tourist. Musan Dam, Baat-al-Zubair, and Bahal’s fort are the main tourist spots here. You must visit this place between February to June.

2. Mauritius:

We all look for places that is best in food, places, and beautiful scenic beauty. Mauritius is exactly the same place. The beautiful surroundings and the fun-filled destinations can tempt anybody. The exact time to travel to Mauritius is from March to July. Ganga Talo, Black River National Park, and Le Morne Brabant are the main places of tourism here. If you have 20-25 thousand rupees in your pocket then you can travel to Mauritius.

3. Malaysia:

Malaysia, also known for Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Petronas Twin Tower, Bukit Bintang and Mount Kinabalu, is also a pocket-friendly place to visit in Malaysia. Here, different flavors and nature spread in nature can be fun by anyone. You will not have to lose your pocket for the finest architecture and the old markets here. With 15-20 thousand rupees in pockets, you can easily visit this place between February and June.

4. Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful destinations located near India. Once you visit this place, tourists can never forget the beauty of this destination. From historic places in Sri Lanka, spending time in the lukewarm sand on the shore edge is a different experience.

The right time to go to Sri Lanka is from February to June. After reaching the Colombo International Airport you can easily travel to Sri Lanka by having 15-20 thousand rupees in a pocket.

5. Thailand:

In addition to the cost of air travel, you can travel this country in 20 to 25 thousand rupees and tour a beautiful country like Thailand. You can visit Thailand from February to June. Phang Nga Bay, Wat Arun, Phi Phi Island and The Grand Palace are the best destinations to explore.

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