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You must avoid eating these 3 foods during Shravan Month.

According to Ayurved, You must avoid eating these foods during Shravan Month.

In Hindu religion, the month of Shravan is seen as a very holy month. Lord Shiva is worshiped throughout the month. The month of Shravan i.e. rainy season, on this one side, greenery is spread all over this month.

On the other hand, there is also the danger of other diseases. This season people should be very careful with the food they are consuming. Due to the weak immune system, the body falls prey to many diseases. According to Ayurveda, gastargani (a kind of fire emerging from the stomach) is weak in this season. Therefore it is important to follow the rules regarding eating habits!

So today we are going to tell you about the things that according to Ayurveda, what things should not be eaten in Shravan and which ones should be avoided.


Avoid eating eggplant during the Shravan month. The religious reason for this is that it is offered to Lord Shiva, apart from it it has been called as unclean in the scriptures. But the scientific reason is that insects seem more in eggplant in brinjal. In this way, eggplant can have a bad effect on health. Therefore, avoid eating eggplant in Shravan.

Stay away from the green vegetables:

Green vegetables should not be eaten in the month of Savan. According to its religious belief, one should avoid eating green vegetables. Actually, according to Ayurveda, germs that spread the disease in green vegetables in the rain are very high. Which leads to stomach and skin related diseases. In this season, the body’s disease-resistant capacity also decreases. That is why green vegetables should not be eaten in Shravan.

Do not use milk:

It is said that raw milk is offered to God, so avoid consuming them in the should be avoided. But according to scientific reasons greenery is more in Sawan month. Because of this, poisonous insects grow much more. These insects are eaten by cows and buffaloes, which can be harmful to us. At this time, consumption of milk increases the vitality, which leads to the possibility of getting sick. Therefore, you must avoid drinking in the month of Sawan.

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