Your mobile number can reveal about your personality.

Know which digit is lucky for you.


Numbers play an important role in knowing one’s personality, the possibility of getting success in the future, marriage, career etc. Points not only affect our personality, but also events that occur around us. Here we will tell you in detail how your mobile numbers are affecting your current life. To know the correct points, add your mobile digit in this way.

For example, suppose the mobile number is 89191112234, you need to add all these numbers to get your digit- 8 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 1 +2 +2 +3 +4 = 41 ; 4 +1 = 5 In this manner, you also add your mobile numbers and get a single number and know what it says about you.

Digit 1:

It is considered a strong digit. It helps in energizing others as well as influencing others. You need to be careful on the occasion of sudden happiness. It is a good thing for businessmen and career builders to have digit 1 more times. Those who are looking for love, it would be better if they did not add 1 to their digits.

Digit 2:

This point is romantic and perfect for those who want to meet their love. If this number is more than once in mobile numbers, then the person is a very kind and diplomatic. This digit is suitable for those who are strong, keep their opinions and who are related to the work of sales.

Digit 3:

The people who have 3 as a pair of mobile numbers are considered to be very creative and people enjoy being with them. These numbers are good for artists, musicians and young people. These points are suitable for writers or those associated with the field of writing. If you are too much enthusiastic and want to achieve the set goals, then this number is not for you.

Digit 4:

This numbers are considered to be stable and dependable. For this reason, it is considered suitable for banking, law firm, credit and other sectors related to trust. Even if your family is big, you can still choose the number 4. If you live alone or do not belong to any of these mentioned sectors, then you should not keep this number.

Digit 5:

It is believed that it can bring thrills and changes in anyone’s life. People who hold this issue can expect anything. This is perfect for those who prefer freedom, walking and staying alone. It is not good for people living with family and going through some mental stress.

Digit 6:

This is the best number for the person who is dedicated towards the family. It brings a sense of care and security to the person. It also strengthens relationships and friendship with family. Those who are looking for love should choose another number.


naushin Ahmed
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